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The Department of Justice’s far-left legal mind at the forefront of stopping election audits and harming ballot integrity once railed against the very same kind of private election funding that her former employer Mark Zuckerberg engaged in during the 2020 election cycle. Pamela Karlan – believed by many to be the brain behind the pro-election fraud, partisan operation inside the Department of Justice — once bemoaned big corporate spending on elections, The National Pulse can reveal. Speaking in 2012 at Robert H. Jackson lecture at the Chautauqua Institution, Karlan declared: “If you allow unlimited spending on elections, money will be translated into votes. Over time that will undermine our democracy.” She went on to describe a situation in Montana, where corporations spent money to buy political figures including judges — a practice commonly used by corporate billionaires such as Karlan’s own ally George Soros. Robert H. Jackson was a Democrat Supreme Court Justice who failed — when the opportunity was given — to oppose racial segregation in America. But Karlan also worked for the Facebook Oversight Board.

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