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In Chicago, the murder rate is skyrocketing — and splintering off into some sickening new directions. Such as the crime in this instance from yesterday: Last June 30, Chicago police pursued a car allegedly used in a shooting earlier in the day. After the vehicle crashed, all of its occupants bailed out and ran. Cops arrested one of them, Angel Ayala, and allegedly found a loaded AR-15 rifle behind the seat he had been riding in. But prosecutors declined to file a felony gun charge in the case. Instead, Ayala was charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct, and he went home from the police station on a recognizance bond, CPD records show. Ayala, 22, went AWOL and never showed up for a single court date, prosecutors said Saturday as they charged him with shooting a tourist and murdering a passerby during last weekend’s Puerto Rican Day festivities. These are far from the gang-on-gang violence reports in bad areas where lowlife and drug-dealing have the run of the streets. This is the kind of crime that’s spilling into law-abiding areas with non-criminal victims with each instance having the knock-on effect of spreading terror.

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