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Far-left Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), one of the top Democrats pushing to defund the police, reportedly asked for a special police detail to protect his home earlier this year following the riot at the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6. “About a week after the Jan. 6th incident at the Capitol, we received a request from the Congressman’s office for increased police presence at his residence,” Yonkers Police Department Detective Lt. Dean Politopoulos told the New York Post. “In response, our Intelligence Unit was notified of the request and the local precinct instituted what is called a directed patrol at the Congressman’s home for the next two weeks.” Politopoulos reportedly said that nothing unusual had been detected in Bowman’s neighborhood for years. The report noted that the day after the January 6 riot, Bowman told a radio host that he had been “safe pretty much throughout the event.” A spokeswoman for Bowman claimed that the police were called because Bowman “received threats,” although she did not elaborate on the “threats,” and she reportedly avoided questions about Bowman’s hypocrisy given his support for defunding the police.

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