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Early on June 17, Elsa Mikeska was shot and killed outside a Houston gym. The 62-year-old grandmother had just pulled into the gym parking lot when two men in an older Chevy Suburban got out, apparently demanding money, and then shot her dead as she fled toward the gym entrance. At this point, one of those responsible, a 16-year-old now charged with capital murder, has been apprehended, while two others remain at large. It appears that the same persons who killed Mikeska may have attempted a carjacking an hour earlier and that same night shot through the window of a nearby home — into the bedroom of a 16-year-old girl. It goes without saying that Mikeska’s killers must be caught and punished. But these killers, described by police as young Hispanic men, are just two or three out of a brutal underclass that threatens the conduct of everyday life everywhere in America. Though it includes whites as well, a disproportionate share of that underclass is black and Hispanic — the same groups that are now flooding into America across our southern border.

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