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With Canadian governments never having hit a single greenhouse gas reduction target they’ve set since 1988, a new report by Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux explains why the Trudeau government won’t hit its latest target for 2030. Technically, Giroux’s report — Beyond Paris: Reducing Canada’s GHG emissions by 2030 — outlines the “prohibitive costs” Canadians will have to pay and the “extraordinary measures” required by government and the private sector. But given the dismal record of reducing emissions by Conservative and Liberal governments, it’s inevitable — my words, not Giroux’s — that Canada’s unbroken 33-year record of failing to meet a single target, will be 42 years in 2030. Giroux’s report explains the negative economic impacts of attempting to achieve Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s targets, including huge government subsidies and private sector expenditures, the costs of which will be paid by Canadians as taxpayers, consumers and workers.

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