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A majority of Canada’s COVID-19 infections and fatalities are now occurring in people who were not vaccinated against the disease, according to newly-released data from the country’s public health agency. Data from the Public Health Agency of Canada found that, as of June 21, the country’s “breakthrough” infections in fully vaccinated people accounted for just over 2,700 cases — about 0.5 per cent — of all reported infections from 10 provinces and territories since the vaccine rollout started. Of those fully vaccinated infections, only 66 of those cases died due to COVID-19, compared to the estimated 13,000 deaths that occurred across the country since the start of the rollout in December. The vaccine’s effectiveness, even for those who were partially vaccinated, was evident, according to the data. There was a total of 24,469 partially vaccinated COVID-19 cases, which accounted for 4 per cent of all infections since the first vaccines started being administered in Canada.

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