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Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) has joined a growing list of Republicans taking a public stance against critical race theory. Blackburn released a video on Twitter explaining to her followers what critical race theory aims to do. Earlier in June, she co-sponsored a resolution with Florida Sen. Rick Scott (R) and Indiana Sen. Mike Braun (R), condemning the use of CRT in K-12 schools and teacher training. The senators noted, they along with 30 other of their GOP colleagues sent a letter to Joe Biden’s education secretary making their demands known. They requested the withdrawal of the department’s proposed priorities on American history and civics, which they said includes teaching divisive curriculum like CRT. As Democrats in Congress continue to push for critical race theory in schools and job training, Sen. Blackburn and other Republicans have voiced support for school choice. However, many disagree with Blackburn and the GOP’s view on CRT. The Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change hosted several academics as panelists this week who bash CRT opponents and argue CRT is “invaluable” in helping to understand the functionality of race in the U.S. and worldwide.

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