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What information is the Trudeau government so desperate to hide about the firing of two scientists from Winnipeg’s highest security virus lab, that it’s taking the House of Commons, including Speaker Anthony Rota — a Liberal MP — to court to block its release? Rota told MPs “we will fight tooth and nail” in court to protect the principle “that the legal system does not have jurisdiction over the operations of the House. We are our own (court).” House of Commons law clerk Philippe Dufresne said “to his knowledge” the Trudeau government’s move is unprecedented. It has applied in federal court — in defiance of orders from the House of Commons— to prevent the release of uncensored documents held by the Public Health Agency of Canada about the firings, claiming it would be “injurious to international relations or national defence or national security.” Logically, this means the government is claiming that in addition to security issues, it could damage relations with China.

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