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Guess who suddenly wants to give more money to the police: That’s right — Democrats and the left, with President Joe Biden urging that COVID funds be used to hire cops. Oh, and they want everyone to simply forget that they were the ones pushing to defund the police in the first place. Meanwhile, their left-leaning stooges in the media are only too glad to carry their water. “Analysis: Democrats are showing urgency on public safety, led by President Biden’s new crime-fighting agenda,” read a New York Times headline Thursday, a day after Biden unveiled his plan to combat spikes in gun violence. Give the Gray Lady points for brazenness: Such cheerleading could’ve been drafted by the White House itself (was it?). Let’s be honest: Democrats who demonized cops and called for defunding them betrayed complete contempt for public safety. No, Biden himself didn’t scream for defunding, but he refused to condemn those who did. Instead his campaign insisted Joe “hears and shares the deep grief and frustration of those calling out for change.” Dems are now “rallying with sudden confidence around a politically potent cause: funding the police,” declares the Times.

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