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Senator Pamela Wallin pledged on Tuesday to do everything within her power to stop Bill C-10 from being rushed through the Senate and becoming law before parliamentarians go on summer recess. “At 1:30 am this morning the House of Commons passed Bill C-10. Now, with just two days left on the calendar the Senate is being asked to pass it. No scrutiny, no oversight — we haven’t even seen the secret amendments they passed. ‘Kangaroo court’ would be an understatement,” tweeted Wallin. “The government has had 6 years to pass legislation it wants. It is not our job in the Senate to rubber stamp and give up our constitutional responsibilities just because they want fodder for an election — especially if it means killing free speech.” Liberal MPs were joined by their NDP, Green Party and Bloc Quebecois colleagues in supporting the motion while Conservative MPs opposed the bill. “I will do everything I can to make sure this bill isn’t rammed through. Standing up to Bill C-10 is standing up against censorship and standing up for free speech. If we don’t say NO now, it will be too late,” continued Wallin.

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