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Parliamentarians are now demanding a warrant be issued against the president of the Public Health Agency of Canada Iain Stewart after he refused to hand over documents while censured before the House of Commons on Monday. Stewart, who is the first non-MP to be summoned before the House for censure in at least 130 years, was rung out by members of the opposition after he failed to appear with the requested files concerning the firing of two scientists from a federal microbiology lab in Winnipeg. “If this House doesn’t respect its own orders, who will? It’s as though someone said, ‘I don’t believe in this rule so I’m going to flout it. I don’t care about the consequences. I don’t care about the rules,’” Conservative MP Gérard Deltell said on Monday. “We are 338 Canadians here in the House of Commons, but we are more than citizens. We are representatives of our constituents. When we don’t see respect for the House of Commons, we don’t see respect for Canadian citizens.”

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