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For each topic dominating the news, we are asked to suspend credulity, believe lies, go along with a story that makes no sense. The alternative is to get canceled as if we don’t exist. We are required to subjugate ourselves to those who claim a right to power, who are purportedly acting for the greater good. We’re supposed to forget or deny our country’s history. Deny knowledge of the planet and its evolution. Forget the basic rules of science and medicine. Treat others as less than equal humans. Who benefits? Every single lie comes with consequences. The people in charge do not have anyone’s best interests in mind, except for their own, bolstering their power, and amassing a fortune. Climate change, COVID, violence in our cities, homelessness, borders and immigration, education, race — all of it is a means to an end. Reality dictates that the climate has changed continually for 4.5 billion years, and we have proof of those changes going back 2.5 million years. Mountains were formed by upheavals in the Earth’s crust, plains by glacial movement. Dinosaur bones were buried during an ancient climate cataclysm. Core sample studies show glacial history.

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