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Ken Bennett, Senate liaison to the Maricopa County, Arizona, election audit said that auditors were informed by county election workers that the signature verification standards for mail-in ballots were at first lowered and ultimately disregarded for November’s races. County election officials have denied the allegation. Bennett stated in a Friday interview with The Western Journal, “We’ve literally been told by people who worked in that process for Maricopa County that the standard at the beginning was quite reasonable and high.” Originally absentee ballot reviewers looked for 20 points in signatures such as the angle of the letters, or how T’s are crossed or how I’s dotted, the former Arizona secretary of state said. “But they got so far behind, we’ve been told that they went to the people on that team, 40-some people, and said, ‘OK, reduce it to 10’ and then to five and then one,” he explained. “And then we’re told, and I can hardly believe that this might have been the case, but it needs to be verified. We’re told they finally told them, ‘Let everything go through, including blank signature boxes.’ If that happened, that is a terrible failure,” Bennett added.

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