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When it comes to progressive politics, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse has a lot to say. The Rhode Island Democrat is more than willing to mouth off on “climate change.” He’s not afraid to threaten the United States Supreme Court. He’s got no problem preening about “racial injustice” and #BlackLivesMatter tags on Twitter. But when the question is about his own membership in an exclusive, all-white beach club in his home state, he all but clams up. As the local news outlet GoLocalProv reported over the weekend, Whitehouse has been part of Bailey’s Beach Club in Newport for decades, but he doesn’t have much of an explanation for how the club has remained as lily-white as his own name. In a GoLocalProv interview Friday, Whitehouse was asked if his club had any minority members. The answer to that would be “no,” apparently. But Whitehouse had a reason. “I think the people who are running the place are still working on that,” he said. “I’m sorry it hasn’t happened yet.” It’s a good bet the senator was a lot sorrier that he was asked the question in the first place.

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