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While most Canadians were sound asleep, the Trudeau Liberals — along with their allies in the Bloc and NDP — were busy passing a bill to regulate your social media feed. The controversial Bill C-10 passed third reading shortly after 1:30 Tuesday morning after a 14-hour marathon sitting of the House.One thing is certain, the Liberals desperately want this bill to become law. It’s a bill that, if ever implemented, will fundamentally change the way Canadians experience the internet. So far, the Trudeau Liberals have resorted to shutting down debate at the committee level, a drastic step only done three times in Canadian Parliamentary history. They have even passed amendments in secret, something the House Speaker ruled out of order. And for the last several months the Liberals have rejected calls to insert language back into the bill to protect individual users of social media platforms from being regulated by the government.

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