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The more the government tries to act like a parent, the more destabilized and entitled our society becomes. As Canada honours Father’s Day, many are reflecting on the role our Father’s play in our lives. My Father came to Canada from Trinidad when he was young, and despite starting with very little managed to build a life and help give me the opportunity to succeed and chase my dreams, for which I am very grateful. And as we reflect on how our parents have influenced our lives, we can also see and acknowledge a concerning trend that continues to pick up steam: Government trying to act like our parent. This has been ongoing for sometime, with government’s increasingly fulfilling the role of ‘provider’ and ‘protector,’ even in instances where individuals should be free to make their own choices. For example, the welfare system often leads to the government being a provider for a parent and children, yet that ironically ends up making matters worse, since that provision is structured in such a way as to often dis-incentivize work and instead entrench dependency.

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