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An American congressman says he has proposed to the White House to unilaterally reopen the border to Canadians as Ottawa announced another month extension of the restrictions that prohibit non-essential travel. In an interview on CTV’s Question Period airing Sunday, Democratic Rep. Brian Higgins said he addressed the move to take “unilateral action” to allow entry to those fully vaccinated with top officials this week but layers of bureaucratic red tape are preventing swift action. “[There’s] too much bureaucracy, no one seems to be making a decision on this. I’ve spoken with the highest levels of the Biden administration, they have to bring it back to a task force. There are two people that can make this happen, the President of the United States Joe Biden, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,” he said. “When you close the border at the middle of a second tourist season, hurting both Canadians and Americans, without any vision about what the plan over the next 30 days is to do everything they can to open that border either incrementally or more comprehensively, that is a terrible disservice.”

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