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As a statue of Winston Churchill is desecrated and Kingston tears down their statue of John A. Macdonald, does anyone believe the neo-communists will leave this vacuum unfilled? Or, like we saw in Communist States of the past, will they begin pushing their own ‘idols’ and their own version of history? One of the biggest blind-spots we have in Canada – and indeed in much of the Western world – is the believe that we can create a vacuum and then leave it unfilled. We have seen this with the decline of organized religion. In place of organized religions we have seen the rise of quasi-religions movements centered around ‘wokeness’ and the environment, with the same aspects of ‘purity,’ ‘punishment,’ ‘salvation,’ and ‘guilt’ that are often at the centre of religious institutions. Traditionally, people have found meaning in family, religious faith and love of their country. Usually, a combination of all three. When regimes have tried to overturn this, it generally hasn’t lasted long, or involved such brutal suppression that the moment the regime was overturned, traditional ways snapped back into place.

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