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A school district in Minnesota’s “equity committee” has recommended public schools stop suspending students for any offense, arguing that suspensions make students feel “shamed” and provide no “restorative” benefits. The Pioneer Press reported that St. Paul Public School District’s equity committee provided the recommendations last week, citing high numbers of Black and American Indian students getting suspended as the impetus. “We cannot do our jobs if the students are at home,” William Hill, a member of the community and described by the outlet as “restorative practices coordinator at Central High School,” told the school board. The equity committee was reportedly created in late 2019 at the request of Superintendent Joe Gothard. The committee made several recommendations on Tuesday, including the end of suspensions. “We’re going to have to review them all,” Gothard said, according to the Press. “Do I want less [sic] students suspended? Absolutely.” Ignored is the possibility that these students are committing more disciplinary infractions than their white, Asian, or Hispanic peers.

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