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At the Western Conservative Summit, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was ranked above former President Donald Trump in a straw poll asking voters about their preferred candidate for the 2024 presidential race. The poll, conducted by the Western Conservative Summit, surveyed attendants of this weekend’s 2021 Western Conservative Summit at the Centennial Institute, Colorado Christian University’s public policy think tank. The company used an “approval method” that allowed participants to vote for multiple responses for each question, including a question about which 2024 presidential candidates they approved of from the dozens of the top contenders. “The top five candidates, in order of most approval to least, were: Ron DeSantis (74%), Donald Trump (71%), Sen. Ted Cruz (43%), Mike Pompeo (39%) and Sen. Tim Scott (36%),” the press release stated. “Question two asked attendees to mark any of 25 policy issues as most important to them,” the statement continued. “The top five most important issues were: Immigration/Border Security (82%), Election Integrity (79%), Religious Freedom (75%), Federal Budget/Deficit (74%) and Gun Rights (74%).”

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