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Coal Miners Driving Teslas may seem like an oxymoron at first, but in the case of this particular YouTube channel, it’s actually something pretty amazing. I came across the story of these two brothers while working on another article about GM’s plan to convince Australia to adopt EVs. The two brothers, Daniel and Tim Bleakley, have created a YouTube channel where they share the experience of coal miners in Australia as they drive a Tesla. Daniel Bleakley, a native of Queensland, worked in the mining industry in Western Australia. He lost his job during the global financial crisis and started a printing company — only to later step away from that to focus on climate activism. “I’ve been growing it ever since but now I’ve stepped away to focus on climate activism. I’ve done a few actions with Extinction Rebellion, did a 10-day hunger strike. I was arrested for gluing myself to the Siemens window,” he told Crikey. “I put my life on hold to agitate for change.” The brothers are making an impact in a way that isn’t confrontational, and who better to share the Tesla experience with than coal miners — people who are exposing their health daily to mine an energy source that is also killing our planet.

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