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If Santa Claus can slide down a chimney no problem, why couldn’t you? An 18-year-old girl from Nevada did not have the same grace as the Christmas icon after getting stuck trying to slide down a chimney attempting to get back into her home after being locked out. According to a Facebook post by the Henderson Fire Department, firefighters had to rescue the unnamed teen after she got stuck this past Tuesday. The whole procedure took about 30 minutes and the girl didn’t suffer any injuries. “Henderson firefighters are trained for confined space rescue and pulled the uninjured girl to safety in about half an hour,” the fire department wrote. According to KTNV, fire officials say they learned the girl was locked out of her home and thought going down the chimney was a good option. When she tried to slide down, however, the 18-year-old got stuck just above the flue. Firefighters had to use a rope system to rescue the embarrassed teen before pulling her out to safety. Some found humour in the girl’s predicament while commenting on Henderson Fire Department’s Facebook post.

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