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“Partisanship over principle. Vote-chasing over important constitutional norms and processes,” said Wilson-Raybould. As I’ve noted before, Quebec deserves credit for pushing for their interests. They’ve realized how weak many of Canada’s federal ‘leaders’ and parties have become, and they know that a mix of threats and strong assertions of identity will carry the day. Also, Quebec often seems to be the only province with leaders who are willing to boldly assert a sense of respect and reverence for their history, rather than simply giving in to the radical narrative of guilt-and-shame being pushed on everyone. With all of that in mind, it is still often stunning to see how willing all the major parties are to simply roll over for Quebec in a way they never would for other provinces or regions of Canada. The motion passed, with 281 MPs voting in favour, 51 abstaining, and 2 voting against. The majority of Liberal, CPC, NDP, and Bloc members voted in favour. The only two MPs who opposed the motion were Jody Wilson-Raybould, and Derek Sloan. It is interesting to note that both Sloan and Wilson-Raybould have demonstrated political courage here, despite being very different politicians.

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