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President Joe Biden’s brain failed him Wednesday during his latest attempt to quote the Declaration of Independence, although this time it occurred as Biden postured to reporters about how tough he was during an earlier meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden sat down with Putin for several hours in Geneva on Wednesday for a much-anticipated meeting of the two leaders. Confidence in Biden’s ability to go toe-to-toe with the Russian leader dropped significantly when it was announced Biden would not participate in a joint media briefing with the former KGB agent following the talks. But at his own briefing, Biden portrayed the meeting as having been one where he talked tough and Putin listened. Do you think the president spoke with vigor and tenacity during the meeting? If he did, he was spent by the time it was over. Biden again gaffed during his solo media briefing: He again couldn’t remember the words to the Declaration of Independence, a document he has struggled at length to recall since last year.

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