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Parliamentary Protective Service responds to criticism of racial profiling. Mumilaaq Qaqqaq says she keeps her parliamentary badge close every time she enters the House of Commons — just in case she has to prove who she is. The departing NDP MP says she’s been regularly stopped and questioned by the Parliamentary Protective Service (PPS) since she was elected in 2019. “I’ve had security jog after me down hallways, nearly put their hands on me and racial profile me,” Qaqqaq said in the House on Tuesday. It was “intimidating,” she told CBC News. “Why don’t you have your security in the federal institution trained properly so they don’t do these things, so I don’t feel intimidated when I go into work?” In her farewell address Tuesday, Qaqqaq said entering the doors of power put her in survival mode. To make it through her term, she said she had to give herself pep talks in the elevator and take moments in the bathroom to compose herself.

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