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Stop me if you’ve heard this joke before. The Russian president and the American president decide to meet up in Geneva to work out their differences. The Russian president says, “I’m concerned for your country, sir. The same Big Tech companies that helped rig your election by paying off election workers and manipulating the flow of information to voters are now engaged in mass censorship of half the country as they protect your grip on power. Your corporate news people discarded any pretense of being an investigative ‘free press’ long ago and openly launder propaganda from your Intelligence Community and a small collection of multinational corporate oligarchs advancing outright lies. They spent years blaming Hillary’s election loss on a ‘Russian dossier’ that Hillary’s own campaign created, and nobody was ever brought to justice for a lie that tore your country in two and brought ours to the brink of war. “Antifa and Black Lives Matter have destroyed many of your cities and repeatedly terrorized your citizens, yet you celebrate them as heroes, while your corrupt FBI categorizes them as mere ‘ideas’ spreading ‘hope and change.'”

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