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President Joe Biden finished his summit with Putin on Wednesday with few of the “deliverables” — concrete outcomes — that diplomatic negotiators obsess over. The two leaders mostly agreed to set up a process for lower-level aides to keep talking about key issues. But Biden did deliver a succinct message to his Russian counterpart: Stop messing with the U.S. and international norms. “The bottom line is I told President Putin that we need to have some basic rules,” Biden said at a news conference in Geneva. “This is the road that we can all abide by.” Nearly three years after then-President Donald Trump sidled up to Putin physically and metaphorically following their summit in Helsinki, Biden’s first foreign trip as president emphasized a hard break from Trump’s criticism of U.S. allies and courtship of the Russian leader.It’s up to Putin to decide whether to crack down on cyberattacks against the U.S., dial back his aggression toward Ukraine and stop targeting his domestic political opponents. Even Biden says he’s not sure the often-recalcitrant Putin will do any of that — “I’m not confident he’ll change the behavior,” Biden said

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