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President Biden appeared to be holding another of his “cheat sheets” at his high-stakes summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Switzerland on Wednesday. Biden seemed to be hiding the notes from Putin, a former KBG agent, as they sat on opposite sides of a small table inside the historic Villa la Grange in Geneva, the Sun reported. As journalists recorded the scene, Biden, 78, peered at his paper before tucking it into an inside pocket of his suit jacket. Biden, 78, sat erect and cross-legged in his chair, while the 68-year-old Putin — who is shorter and thick around the middle — sat slumped with his feet planted wide and his hands on his thighs. The scene unfolded as the two world leaders barely made eye contact during introductory remarks that were interrupted by a shoving match between American reporters and Russian security personnel. Biden also nodded after a reporter asked if he trusted Putin, which White House communications director Kate Bedingfield quickly walked back by tweeting that the president “was very clearly not responding to any one question, but nodding in acknowledgment to the press generally.”

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