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It is likely that all of this alleged misconduct has been known for a long-time, by officials across the political spectrum. So why is it being revealed now? Canada’s military is now an absolute shambles. It was already totally underfunded and unable to recruit in adequate numbers or procure adequate equipment. But now, every day seems to bring a new scandal that casts the Canadian Armed Forces leadership into further ill-repute. Most recently, Lt. General Mike Roleau — the second-in-command of the CAF resigned — and went on ‘health leave’ after it was revealed he went golfing with Jonathan Vance, who is under a current military investigation. The problem? Roleau is — or was — the authority in charge of the military police, who are investigating Vance. Whoops. “As a result of this incident, I am stepping aside immediately as VCDS and will transition to the CAF Transition Group,” said Rouleau. “I am acutely aware of the tumultuous times we are navigating together. Like all of you, I have been working hard to deliver on our commitments and to inform our way forward. I am a huge advocate for change,” he added.

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