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Justin Trudeau, election night, Montreal, 2015: “To this country’s friends all around the world, many of you have worried that Canada has lost its compassionate and constructive voice in the world. Well, I have a simple message for you. On behalf of 35 million Canadians: we’re back.” Justin Trudeau, G7 Summit, Cornwall, 2021, speaking to a reporter: “The impacts of this G7 will remain long after the newspapers you write for have been used to wrap fish.” Ah, how far Icarus has fallen. When the newly minted prime minister burst on the scene, the world couldn’t get enough. From fawning Vogue covers to selfie-fests with foreign leaders, Canada’s golden boy held press and politicians in the palm of his hand. Even Ivanka Trump basked in his spotlight. Now, it appears the love affair between the prime minister and the global media is over. It would appear the ill feelings are mutual. Instead of sunny ways, Trudeau this past weekend presented a grizzled, sour figure. Tongue-in-cheek headlines were everywhere on Sunday: “With Merkel leaving, Trudeau positions himself as dean of the G7,” with the stories noting coyly that no one is actually taking him up on his offer.

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