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Thanks to a 2014 referendum which essentially makes paying for retail goods in California optional, thefts are out of control and stores are struggling. San Francisco is particularly wrestling with the fallout of the pandemic. The city alone has lost 17 Walgreens locations in the last five years to permanent closure. Where does that leave elderly residents when it comes time to fill prescriptions? San Francisco’s leaders don’t care. They’ve made it a free for all for crooks, so long as one steals under $950 worth of goods. That’s not hard to do at Walgreens, as is evident from a video taken Monday of a man who, unopposed by both employees and other shoppers, took what he wanted and left at the location on Gough and Fell Streets in the city. KGO-TV reporter Lyanne Melendez shared a video she took of the brazen daytime shoplifting spree in which the man rode a bicycle inside the store, lined a trash bag with whatever he wanted and then rode away. The store’s security officer made a haphazard attempt to grab the bag, but the perp, a black male, left with what he wanted without fear of consequences.

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