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Advocates are renewing calls for the federal government to review Quebec’s controversial Bill 21 after four members of a Pakistani-Canadian family were killed in what police say was a targeted attack in London, Ont. Journalist and human rights advocate Amira Elghawaby told CTV’s Your Morning on Tuesday that Canadians “understand that hate is a phenomenon in this country.” However, she says they need to push political leaders to take action. “While the vast majority of Canadians are loving and show solidarity… we know that there are elements within our society that are not only Islamophobic, but that have been targeting Asian-Canadians, Jewish Canadians, Indigenous people so there is a problem in our country,” Elghawaby said. Bill 21 was passed in Quebec in June 2019 and it forbids any employee of the state, including judges, police officers, or teachers, from wearing religious symbols at work. While it only applies to people living in Quebec, Elghawaby says there are concerns it targets Muslim communities and speaks to a wider issue across Canada.

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