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Green Party Leader Annamie Paul is brushing off calls for her ouster as the party’s governing body lines up a future vote that could see her removed from her post. In a press conference Tuesday, Paul she was given a “strong mandate” and has been given “instructions” to continue to work on behalf of Canadians for a green recovery, despite internal disputes that have left some members questioning her leadership. The head of the Green Party of Quebec told there is an “open contestation” of Paul’s direction by membership, management, and candidates. Annamie Paul has not pursued a unification process following her election as leader of the party about eight months ago,” Alex Tyrrell said on Tuesday. “There’s a bit of a communication problem and [she] is going against a lot of important values to Green Party members.” He said there will be meeting tonight to discuss the situation and the federal council will vote “on non-confidence probably in 30 days from now.” Calls for her removal surfaced following the decision by former Green MP Jenica Atwin to cross the floor and join the Liberal caucus last week.

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