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Last weekend’s G7 was heavy on sea shanties and photo-ops and jollity with the Queen. What it lacked was substance and support from European leaders in dealing with the increasingly iron-fisted regime in China. There were brave words during the meeting in Cornwall, England, and the final communique was dutifully self-righteous about Chinese influence. It was, however, watered down and made no reference to hostage diplomacy and the continued shameful imprisonment of Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig. In not mentioning the two Michaels in their final statement, the G7 missed a chance to send a powerful message to China and left this country out on a limb. Is Canada the only democracy that supports the rule of law? It’s a disgrace that our so-called allies refuse to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in our fight to free the two illegally detained men. We have a right to expect more from them. There are reports Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to become the G7 “Dean” once German chancellor Angela Merkel departs the international scene. We ask him to please stop embarrassing himself ­— and this country — by his posturing.

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