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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared in an uncritical CBC Rosemary Barton live interview on Sunday in which he advocated for online censorship. During the broadcast, Khan called for the international community to band together and implement further censorship against “online hate.” The discussion was in the context of the recent London, Ontario terror attack perpetrated against a Muslim family from Pakistan. “What is it that governments should be doing, for instance, to shut down online hate towards Muslims?” asked Barton. “I think there should be very strict action against it. Because you see, these hate websites, which again as I said, divide humanity by creating hatred,” said Khan. “Unfortunately, while there’s so many benefits to social media. It’s changing the whole world. But when there’s these hate websites, which create hatred amongst human beings, there should be international action against them.” When pressed on what the proposed international action constituted, Khan implied that some Western nations were not interested in tackling the issue.

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