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It’s pandering 24/7. “Why have principles when you can spend all your time pandering?” That seems to be the motto of Canada’s top political parties, the Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP. Those parties now often seem increasingly interchangeable, in rhetoric and — most disturbingly — in policy. While that may seem controversial to say, imagine for a moment that you were a Citizen of another country and were doing a quick study of Canadian politics. What would you see when looking at the main parties? All three support carbon taxes. All three support running large budget deficits, with even the conservatives saying they’ll run Canada in the red for another decade. All three have bought into the politically-correct framing of Canada and our history. All three will take every opportunity to pander to Quebec. All three support continued large scale foreign-aid spending. All three support continued high-immigration levels, regardless of public opinion. All three pushed a similar narrative on lockdowns (with slight variation), and generally ignored the importance of physical health and resilience. Those are some of the biggest issues facing the country.

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