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Move over, Kamala Harris — Joe Biden is about to show you something about how to blow it abroad. The first video shows him wandering into a cafeteria for the public instead of the special accommodations reserved for the G-7 leaders. Notice that the crowd guffaws as someone throws out a flip question, which he has to ask her to repeat. When he gives a dullard’s answer, the laughter roars harder. It’s an obvious mockery of a lost old fool looking for the buffet table at the senior citizens’ home, or maybe the right bingo hall on a Thursday. Nobody applauds Biden’s entry as if he were there to see him, nor does anyone indicate terror and awe or basic respect for the leader of the free world. Nope, for them, he was “just trying to get some ranch.” Or perhaps they were when he obviously wandered in, not knowing what day it was or where he was at. After futzing about, looking as lost as he probably is, caretaker Jill Biden strides in and leads doddering forgetful old grandpa, who couldn’t read his brief about where the lunchroom was, away, taking him by the hand. You know the Russians were watching that one and will adjust their expectations and tactics accordingly.

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