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Many have been fooled by empty words and virtue-signalling, and are thus unable to see the reality in front of them. With their move to recruit former Green Party MP Jenica Atwin, the Liberals are once again making a mockery of their professed ideals. Of course, this has long been the case, considering that the party stood behind their leader after it was found he wore blackface multiple times, and has continued to accuse others of ‘racism’ and ‘bigotry’ in the wake of their hypocrisy being exposed. The fact is, the Liberals have mastered the art of saying exactly what the ‘woke consensus’ demands, which thus gives them a seeming free pass on their actual behaviour. So, in the wake of the horrible act that took place in London, Ontario, the Liberals have been putting the Conservatives on the defensive, and posturing as the party of ‘inclusiveness.’ With the Conservatives surrendering in large part to the Liberal narrative, the Liberals are likely to push forward with a further effort to blame the Conservatives for any and all division in the country, and expand government power over speech to bring in further censorship and centralized control.

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