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Bidenomics is proving an utter disaster for American workers and consumers, and don’t bet on it to end soon. With the pandemic all but over — more than half of American adults are fully vaccinated, and transmissions have fallen through the floor — the economy wants to roar back to life. Job openings climbed to 9.3 million in April, the highest number since the Labor Department started collecting the stats in 2000 and a million more than in March, the feds announced last week. But businesses are having trouble filling those spots: 3.5 million Americans are still on unemployment benefits, the feds also revealed. It’s a big drop from 19.2 million at COVID’s height, but still twice the pre-COVID level, even though nearly all the job-killing restrictions are no more. A clear problem is rooted in President Joe Biden’s COVID “relief” package, which extended the $300-a-week federal unemployment supplement to Sept. 6. Employers nationwide cite it as why they can’t lure workers back without major pay hikes, and a University of Chicago study found that 42 percent of those getting benefits are making more than they did when they were working.

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