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Kamala Harris has demonstrated that’s she’s a disaster on trips abroad. But so has Joe Biden. At the G-7 in London, the gathering of all the world’s top power players, Joe found himself… isolated, to put it politely. Nobody wanted to talk to him. Notice that it’s Joe who tries to glom onto some minor foreign leader at the end of the video clip in a desperate bid to not be alone for the cameras. Nobody seeks him out. It’s downright sad. And it comes after Joe spent oodles of political capital sucking up to this bunch, flattering them, declaring, “America’s back.” He excused the NATO members among them from their dues; jumped back on with the hideous Europe-favored Paris treaty; and gave the OK to Germany’s Russian pipeline, a move that’s sure to shift some German priorities. Still, after all that, and likely more, nobody wanted to talk to him. It may be back to the status quo now, but well, the status quo he’s chasing is an insignificant America, and they all know it. Instead of falling all over themselves to backslap Joe and get a smile and handsy from him, they’re ignoring him and moving on to more important matters.

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