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A unique piece of technology that has recently been completed in Crossfield, Alta., aims to take a chunk out of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by generating electricity. The hybrid electric gas turbine, built by Calgary-based ENMAX Energy, combines a battery energy storage system with an existing natural gas-fueled turbine to provide standby electricity without the need to burn fuel. “A hybrid electric gas turbine operates much like a hybrid car,” the company said in a statement released last week. “When stopped at a red light, the hybrid car engine doesn’t burn fuel while it waits. As soon as the light turns green, the battery kicks in and the car starts running instantly while the engine subsequently starts up and takes over.” The turbine, located at ENMAX’s Crossfield Energy Centre, follows the same type of process, ensuring the gas turbine runs for a shorter period of time. The technology is expected to reduce the run time of the turbine by approximately 80 per cent, equating to a reduction of 45,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

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