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With just 10 scheduled sitting days left in the House of Commons before MPs take a two-month summer break from passing bills and debating in Parliament, the minority Liberals are feeling the pressure to move key legislation and are calling out the Conservatives for trying to stall proceedings. Thursday morning, Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez—who has been tasked with shepherding government business through the Chamber since 2019—spoke to reporters about the priority and “progressive” legislation the government wants to pass before the summer, but denied that a coming election was the motivation to pass these bills now. “I cannot overstate the urgency,” Rodriguez said. The Liberals are now looking to extend the hours of the sitting to pass as much as possible before the end of day June 23 when the House is scheduled to rise for the summer. Asked why the government is feeling the pressure to move bills now, and whether it’s connected to the much-speculated suggestion that a fall election is on the horizon, he said that while the government could wait to resume acting on its promised legislative agenda in the fall, the Liberals “don’t want to.”

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