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1,400-page legislation contains potential challenges and opportunities for this country. Heads-up, Canada. One of the most consequential political questions of our time is tucked into a major piece of legislation advancing through the U.S. Congress — and it involves you. The question is: What’s the strategy for dealing with China in an era of increasing international tension? A bill that just passed the U.S. Senate with strong two-party support would force the Biden administration to lay out plans for working with allies on China-related issues. And there’s a long section in it about Canada. It represents one piece of a massive, 1,400-page bill aimed at preparing the U.S. for a long-term era of competition with China. “[This is] something that looks potentially like a long-lasting new cold war strategy,” said Eric Miller, a Canadian-born trade consultant in Washington. “It’s going to set a foundation for years to come about how the U.S. thinks about working with Canada vis à vis strategy.”

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