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With many members angry about policy reversals, and some MPs adopting the ‘woke’ rhetoric of the far-left, the CPC is clearly facing an internal civil war, creating opportunities for splinter parties to siphon some of the disgruntled conservative vote. The Conservative Party of Canada brass has been trying everything they can to take votes from the Liberals. And by ‘trying everything they can,’ I mean becoming more and more like the Liberals… Sure, there’s the usual criticisms in Opposition and accusations of corruption against the government, and there are certainly lots of political targets to criticize, considering Trudeau’s incompetence and dishonesty. But when it comes to the overall approach of the Conservative Party, they appear to be moving away from anything that is actually ‘conservative.’ Now, when some people read that, they assume a person is saying they need to move in a heavily social conservative direction. But that’s not what I’m talking about. The CPC was quite successful under Stephen Harper for many years, years in which the party balanced the views of social conservative members, libertarian members, nationalists, and social moderates.

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