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A parliamentary committee issued a scathing report Thursday on the Trudeau government’s now-cancelled deal with WE Charity that includes calls for stronger measures to protect against inappropriate lobbying and conflicts of interest. The report from the House of Commons ethics committees followed months of contentious hearings and the release of thousands of pages of documents since last spring, when the government first inked the agreement with WE. Committee members from all three main opposition parties signed off on the majority report, which focused on WE’s connections to various members of the Liberal government as well as the organization’s lobbying and business practices. The report also called attention to the various challenges that committee members faced in conducting their study. It started last summer, was interrupted after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prorogued Parliament in August, and then resumed in the fall. Among the challenges were repeated filibusters by Liberal committee members and the government’s refusal to send some ministerial staff to testify on what they knew about the agreement with WE.

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