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The Ford government is taking the bold step of invoking the notwithstanding clause of the constitution to overturn a court decision issued just this week. The court decision deemed certain parts of the Elections Finances Act unconstitutional for limiting third party advertising but rather than comply with the ruling, the government is set to override the court. Government House Leader Paul Calandra has informed Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Ted Arnott of their intention to recall the House to pass the sections of Bill 254 again with the notwithstanding clause added in. “That is what we believe is needed to ensure fair elections in the province of Ontario,” Calandra said. Bill 254 expanded restrictions on third-party advertising that had first been introduced by the Wynne Liberal government in 2018. Union groups, led by the Working Families Coalition, challenged those rules in court but that case wasn’t heard before these new rules were enacted. On Tuesday Justice Edward Morgan of the Ontario Superior Court ruled parts of the bill unconstitutional. When the court ruling was handed down, labour leaders were ecstatic.

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