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Eight of the media companies and non-profit organizations the Trudeau government consulted on its internet regulation bill have received federal funding. In response to a question on the order paper in the House of Commons last week, Liberal MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage Julie Dabrusin listed nearly two dozen organizations the Liberal government had consulted on Bill C-10. “In 2018, the government appointed the broadcasting and telecommunications legislative review panel to study Canada’s communications legislation,” said Debrusin. “Following the publication of the panel’s report in January 2020, the minister and the department engaged with many stakeholders on the panel’s recommendations through various mechanisms, such as individual stakeholder meetings and roundtables.” Among the companies Debrusin cited were the Canadian Media Producers Association, Rogers Media, Zoomer Media, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), the Indigenous Screen Office, the Canada Media Fund, CBC News/Radio-Canada and the Coalition for Diversity of Cultural Expression.

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