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At a time when a narrative of guilt is being pushed, it is important to acknowledge the full picture of who Canadians are and what our country represents. There is a fine line between acknowledging imperfection/past mistakes, and going into a spiral of negativity that presents a one-sided and unrealistic picture of a nation and a people. In Canada, many of our leaders have completely crossed that line, so dramatically so that they can’t even see it anymore. Jagmeet Singh has done so most dramatically, in a fear-mongering speech laced with an absolutely brutal vision of Canada: “Our Canada is a place where you can’t walk down the streets if you wear a hijab because you will be killed—this is our Canada. We can’t deny it,” says Jagmeet Singh re: London attack. “How many more families will be killed before we do something?” the NDP leader asks.” At a moment like this, there is often a reluctance to push back against this negativity. And yet, that is exactly what we need to do. The idea that all of Canada should be denounced, or that the vast majority of people in Canada should somehow feel responsible for the actions of one person is absurd, and also dangerous.

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