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Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault says most Canadians are okay with the federal government moderating their content on the internet claiming only a “minority” is opposed to regulation. According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Guilbeault made the comments during a House of Commons ethics committee meeting on the Liberal government’s promised legislation meant to tackle online harms like “hateful” content and disinformation. “There are some people out there, a minority clearly, who would advocate that we shouldn’t intervene, there should be no laws whatsoever regarding the internet, and anyways what happens on the internet stays on the internet. Well, it’s clearly not the case,” said Guilbeault. When pressed by fellow committee members, Guilbeault noted that the government already has the power to tackle illegal online content like hate speech and incitement of violence but claimed that the purpose of the proposed bill is to moderate ordinary content. “The bill we’re talking about now deals with the moderation of content,” Guilbeault told his fellow committee members. “It’s going to be about an entire new ecosystem to help us deal with these harms online in a way we can’t right now.”

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