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Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland was caught putting on a mask for a picture in which she is the only person wearing one. While all the other G7 finance ministers stood unmasked, ready to get back to normal, Freeland decided that she would put on her mask just for that picture. Released pictures show the moments before the official picture was released where Freeland scrambles to put on her mask. In the picture, Freeland can be seen in the middle of the group, all socially distancing and outside, while she dons a mask. Freeland has received her first dose of the vaccine and is at least partially immune. The other 11 people in the picture decided that they did not need to wear a mask. Freeland apparently let her common sense show as she posed for a few pictures without a mask, before hurrying to put it on as other leaders adjusted themselves. Last week, she was caught putting on a mask for a Zoom call when she didn’t realize her camera had already started. Others like Justin and Sophie Trudeau have been called out for mask theatre as they have both been partially vaccinated and Sophie Trudeau has become infected and recovered from COVID-19, rendering her immune.

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